A British cat is one of the oldest major cat breeds in the UK. The breed was raised in the 19th century.

The breed was originally known as the British Blue. The name was related to the characteristic colour of the pet. Over time, the colour of the animal changed, so it began to be called “British Shorthair’”.

There are more than a hundred variations in the color and pattern of the hair of this breed. The color of the eyes also varies, which largely depends on the color of the hair. Hair can have almost any shade: white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, purple. There may be cats with bi-colour and tricolour hair. It is noteworthy, that among representatives of the breed quite often there are animals with partycoloured eyes.

Weight 7 – 17 pounds Lifespan 14–20 years.

A British Shorthair cat is often described as a calm and unassuming animal, with a fairly independent character. It cannot be said that British Shorthair cats are affectionate pets. It should be noted that these cats are very selective. A British Shorthair cat doesn’t require much care and attention. Therefore, it is considered to be an excellent variant for busy people who spend most of their time at work.

The hair of British Shorthair cats is quite short, so it won’t cause much trouble. All you need to do for normal cat care is remove excess hair with a soft brush or simply with a normal stroking. Due to the fact that cats of this breed have sedentary lifestyle, you should make sure that the pet doesn’t gain excess weight. Otherwise, the animal may be at risk of obesity.