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Why do purebred cats cost so much?

The answer is very simple: because breeding cats is an expensive business!

Many people think that breeding cats is profitable because of the high cost of kittens, but this is not entirely true and there are certain details. The cost of a purebred kitten includes the price of the effort put into bringing these cats to the world. Also, the price of a kitten includes a 1-year warranty for any genetic diseases. A purebred kitten always means individual character and special appearance.

How can I make the order?

Dear Customer! Please, before you reserve a kitten and send to us a deposit or payment, inform our team of your intention and make sure that this kitten is still available. The fee/payment will be returned automatically if we have not confirmed that a specific kitten is available for reservation or it could be transferred to any other kitten of your choice. Then, after confirmation, you can go online to our website and reserve a kitten you like via the secure Stripe system. 

If we organize the delivery for you, an invoice will be sent for the rest amount via email. You can pay online by credit card. The payment has to be completed no later than 2 days before the delivery date.

​If you come to pick up the pet yourself, you pay the rest on the spot on the pickup date.

We note the approximate arrival date, as Each kitten goes through a series of preparations before being ready to fly . This is a standard regular process such as vaccination and post-vaccination quarantine. All these reasons affect the date of the delivery. As soon as the kitten is ready to travel, the kitten will typically ship within 18-40 days from the date of purchase. The final decision on the date of delivery of the kitten will be made by the seller with the recommendation of a veterinarian. Delivery is carried out through third parties (freight brokers, state veterinarians, and airlines).

Sometimes there may be a delay for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, weather conditions, logistics, mechanical failures of ground or air transport, or other unforeseen events. The seller is not liable, directly or indirectly, for any delays, including, without any restrictions, those that may cause the Buyer inconvenience or any financial loss or a reason to cancel the purchase of the kitten.

We work with breeders from Europe. Every kitten has to get at least 2 PCH and rabies vaccines before it comes to the USA. We bring kittens to the USA after they are 16 weeks old.

If your kitten is already 16 weeks old, necessary pick up or shipping arrangements can be made. Usually, it takes about 3-4 weeks after you have made the order and paid the deposit. But right now the time frame will be a bit longer…

Unfortunately, we don’t keep all kittens at our place in Illinois. We bring them here only after reservation. Before we bring the kittens to Illinois, they have to get 2 PCH and rabies vaccines and be at least 16 weeks old.

You can request more information about each kitten, their photos and videos, photos of their parents, and even information about their identity. For this contact us via email on the website or send an email request to

Pet cargo shipping costs $550 regardless of the location. The kitten flies alone in a carrier box. All types of cats can be shipped EXCEPT Exotic Shorthair, Persian, and Burmese.

We book the flight for your kitten one week before the delivery and send you flight details via email.

To pick up your kitten, you have to go to the cargo facility at your airport, show your ID and provide the AWB number.

It means that we are flying with the kitten in a cabin. You have to come to the airport and pick up your kitten after the flight has arrived.

It costs between $900-$1400. The price depends on the destination.

In most cases, this happens when there is a limit on your debit or credit card. To solve this issue, you should contact your bank to allow this online payment.

No, we are not breeders. We are an online store that works with breeders from Europe.

There are two options.
1. You have to but the breeding rights from the breeder. The rights are usually around 1000$. (Need to clarify with the breeder). It allows you to breed a kitten for selling or just for yourself.
2.The second option you will neuter/spay a kitten by yourself later and send us documents of a successful operation. Also, we strongly recommend neutering /spaying a kitten at an early age, as it positively affects its health. Prolongs it’s life and prevents many diseases also like cancer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with some information concerning neutering/spayin on our page FAQ and hope you will find it useful and helpful.

Unfortunately, deposits are not transferable for other kittens, except the one you have chosen. The reason is that upon request, a deposit is paid to the breeder in order to keep the kitten for you. Arrangements and exceptions can be made ONLY if both the originally chosen kitten and the newly desired one are at the same breeder, AND if the kitten is still not spayed, and the purebred certificate has not been issued under your name.

Different kitties are coming from different clubs (WCF/CFA/FIFE/TICA), so it does take a little time to have them shipped to us and we can get them promptly to you. Some our breeders takes additional fee for pedigree papers ( 50-100$). That`s why most of our breeders provided birth certificate from the cattery, and will make pedigree paper upon your request.
Please note* The kitten is being sold as a companion animal and not for commercial breeding purposes unless you purchased a kitten pedigree. Seller reserves the right to withhold the kitten’s pedigree until the buyer presents a vet’s letter stating that the kitten underwent spay/neuter surgery.

We accept deposits via Stripe. The rest of the payment should be made via our website,  cash, Venmo, or Zelle upon picking up the kitten.

We recommend you to use organic types of cat litter such as pinewood (Okocat) or paper pallets. One of the main reasons for this is that if your kitty eats a piece, it will just dissolve in the stomach and cause no harm.

Different breeders feed their cat’s different types of brand food.

We try to find the best and universal types of food but still offer plenty of variety because every kitten prefers something special.

Royal Canin: Mother and Baby Cat are is of the favorite delicacies. Buffalo Blue for kittens is good as well.

As a treat, we give them Applaws: chicken filet or tuna fish.

For cats with indigestion, we recommend keeping a raw food diet (beef, pork, or turkey).

In terms of dry food, it is preferable to use grain-free food for kittens such as Orijen, Acana, or Ziwi.

Another good tip is to mix canned food with rice, oatmeal, or other porridge. Our team will provide you with more detailed information personally.

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