Refund Policy

In case Pet is found unhealthy at the moment of its acquisition confirmed by the Licensed Veterinary Clinic within 5 days, the seller undertakes to accept the return of the animal and shall issue a store credit of the amount been paid by the buyer. It will not cover the shipping fee or any other extra expenses.

In case of dissatisfaction of the buyer with the purchased pet, as well as in cases of theft, problems with the toilet, appearance of allergy in the family, etc., the buyer has no right to demand from the seller a refund or any other compensation of damages.

If, at some future time, you feel the pet cannot continue to be a part of your home, please contact the seller before making any other arrangements. The pet should never be put into a rescue situation or humane society but should be returned to the seller to be re-homed if necessary without any refund.
Shipping delay is not a cause for return

Our office will be on vacation from September 23rd to October 2nd. Deliveries will not be available during this period. Our assistants will be working as usual.