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Top Maryland Breeder: British Shorthair Kittens for Sale

Imagine finding a tiny companion with a plush coat and charming round eyes, a British Shorthair kitten waiting just for you in Maryland. These adorable furballs are not only a sight to behold but also bring a bundle of joy and calm to any home. Known for their docile temperament and cuddly nature, British Shorthairs have become one of the most sought-after breeds for cat lovers.

If you’re on the hunt for a new feline friend, you might be wondering where to start. Exploring the options for British Shorthair kittens for sale in Maryland can be an exciting journey. You’ll discover various breeders and kittens, each with unique traits and personalities. Whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or thinking about bringing home your first pet, understanding what makes these kittens so special will help you make the perfect choice.

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About Breed

Delving deeper into the characteristics of British Shorthair kittens, commonly known as “British kittens,” reveal why they’re often the top pick for families and individuals alike. British Shorthairs are known for their robust health and easygoing nature, making them an ideal companion for various living conditions. These purebred kittens distinguish themselves with a dense, plush coat that is not only beautiful but also requires minimal grooming compared to other breeds.

Historical Background

Originating from the United Kingdom, British Shorthairs trace their lineage back to the domestic cats of Rome, making them one of the most ancient identifiable cat breeds. Renowned for their sturdy physique and calm demeanor, they were initially bred for hunting due to their strength and agility. Over centuries, these cats have evolved into the affable and affectionate pets that you find today, adept at forming strong bonds with their owners.

Physical Characteristics

British Shorthairs exhibit a wide range of colors and patterns, but they’re most recognized for their striking “British Blue” variant, a solid grey-blue coat with copper eyes. What sets them apart is their rounded features—rounded head, cheeks, and eyes—which contribute to their charming, teddy-bear like appearance. Their body structure is compact and muscular, supporting a broad chest and strong legs which add to their overall robustness.

Temperament and Behavior

Known for their calm and collected nature, British Shorthairs are perfect if you’re looking for a low-maintenance companion. They’re not only friendly and playful but also enjoy their independence, which means they don’t require constant attention. This breed adapts well to indoor living, making it suitable for apartment dwellers. Additionally, their patient demeanor makes them a great fit for families with children and other pets.

Health and Longevity

British Shorthairs are generally healthy, with an average lifespan of 12 to 20 years. They are predisposed to certain genetic conditions such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and polycystic kidney disease (PKD), yet reputable breeders screen for these conditions to ensure the health of the kittens for sale. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet maintain their health and vigor throughout their life.


When exploring the diverse selection of British kittens for sale, you’ll notice that these purebred kittens exhibit a distinct and charming appearance, making them a beloved choice among cat enthusiasts. Renowned for their plush coats and broad structures, British Shorthair kittens possess a regal yet endearing quality.

Coat Texture and Color Variations

British Shorthairs display a thick, plush coat that feels incredibly soft to the touch. Although they are famous for the “British Blue” — a solid grey coat with a shimmering silvery sheen — these kittens come in an array of colors and patterns. These include black, white, cream, and even more exotic shades like lilac and cinnamon. Each kitten, regardless of its coat color, carries the breed-specific dense and luxurious fur that enhances their cuddly, teddy-bear appearance.

Face and Body Structure

Characterized by their rounded faces, chubby cheeks, and big, expressive eyes, British kittens have a perennially juvenile look that captivates hearts. Their eyes are typically deep copper or gold, adding to their expressive facials. Physically, these cats are robust with a compact, muscular build that speaks to their origins as skilled hunters. Despite their sturdy construction, they move with an unexpected grace and agility.

Distinct Features

Their distinct whisker pads and slightly upturned mouths give them a friendly, permanent smile, further enhancing their appeal. Ears are small, rounded at the tip, and set wide apart, aligning perfectly with their rounded head, which adds to their overall rounded silhouette.

By choosing a British kitten from Meowoff kittens company, you’re not only bringing home a pet with an attractive appearance but also one with a vibrant, friendly personality. Each kitten is bred with attention to maintaining the purebred standard that includes not only their unique looks but also ensures they fit comfortably into your life and home. Every step from breeding to your adoption is handled with expert care, ensuring you receive a kitten that’s as healthy as it is beautiful.

Temperaments & Personality

When you consider bringing a British Shorthair kitten into your home, understanding their temperament and personality is essential. These kittens, known for their even-temperament and amiable nature, make them an excellent choice for families and single owners alike.

Calm and Composed

British Shorthair kittens display a remarkable level of calmness rarely seen in other breeds. Their composed demeanor means that they cope well in quieter environments and can also handle the hustle and bustle of active households. This adaptability makes them perfect companions whether you live alone or have a lively family.

Affectionate but Independent

These felines strike a unique balance between affection and independence. British kittens enjoy spending time with their owners, often showing their affection through gentle nudges and by cuddling next to you. However, they’re not overly demanding. They’re content to entertain themselves for hours, making them ideal if you have a busy routine.

Playful and Intelligent

Despite their calm nature, British kittens are playful and intelligent. They love interactive toys that challenge their minds and provide physical activity. This playfulness persists well into adulthood, ensuring that your kitten remains spirited and engaging as they grow.

Adaptable to Indoor Living

One of the prominent features of British Shorthair kittens is their adaptability to indoor living. If you’re concerned about safety or live in an apartment, you’ll find that these kittens make ideal indoor pets. They easily adjust to the space available and thrive in a stable environment without needing outdoor access.

Choosing a purebred British kitten not only ensures you get a pet with these desirable traits but also supports responsible breeding practices that prioritize animal health and temperament. Always select kittens from reputable breeders, like Meowoff, to ensure your new companion is healthy, well-socialized, and a perfect fit for your family.

Diet Grooming & Health

Diet Requirements

British Shorthair kittens require a balanced diet rich in nutrients to support their dense muscular bodies. A diet of high-quality commercial cat food, designed specifically for kittens, meets their needs for protein, vitamins, and minerals. Occasional treats of wet food can complement their dry food regimen. Remember, fresh water should always be available to keep your kitten hydrated.

Grooming Needs

Grooming your British kitten involves regular brushing to manage shedding and maintain their plush coat’s lustrous appearance. Brushing several times a week is recommended, increasing during seasonal changes when they shed more. Unlike some breeds, British Shorthairs do not usually require frequent baths, but it’s important to keep their eyes and ears clean to prevent infections.

Health Considerations

British Shorthair kittens from Meowoff come with a guarantee of being health-checked, ensuring they start off with the best possible care. These kittens are typically healthy, but they are predisposed to certain genetic conditions like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Regular veterinary visits for vaccinations and check-ups ensure your kitten remains healthy and active.

Choosing a purebred British kitten from reputable breeders like Meowoff not only ensures a pet of known lineage and health status but also supports responsible breeding practices. Look for kittens for sale that are well-socialized and have been raised in a nurturing environment to ensure a well-adjusted and happy pet for your home.

About us

Discover Your Dream Cat: British Kittens for Sale

When you’re seeking the ultimate companion, Meowoff offers a selection of purebred British kittens tailored to provide not only charm but also lifelong companionship. Renowned for our commitment to quality and care, our British kittens stand out as a testament to our dedication.

Commitment to Health and Wellbeing

At Meowoff, each British kitten receives top-tier care from the day they are born. Before you welcome one of our kittens into your home, know that they come with a comprehensive pet/vet passport, outlining all their up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, and treatments for fleas and heartworms. We ensure our kittens are tested for FIV and FELV, upholding the highest standards of health, proven by a year-long health guarantee.

Support and Guidance After Purchase

When you choose one of our British Shorthair kittens, you’re not just buying a pet; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to offering guidance and support seven days a week for all your kitten needs. Whether you need advice on post-purchase care or additional support from our professional team, we’re here for you. Our commitment extends beyond sale, guaranteeing a smooth transition into your family and ongoing support throughout your kitten’s life.

Ethical Breeding with Champion Bloodlines

Our British kittens are bred from champion bloodlines, ensuring a pedigree that is notable both in quality and in health. By choosing Meowoff, you’re not only selecting a kitten; you’re opting for a purebred companion known for exceptional health and species features. This guarantees you not only a beautiful British kitten but also one whose health, temperament, and personality have been given the best start in life.

Variety and Quality Guaranteed

Our variety of breeds and colors ensures that you can find the perfect British kitten to match your preference. Each kitten boasts distinct characteristics and adheres to the high standards expected from proud British Shorthair lineage.

We’re Here for Every Step

Your journey with your new British Shorthair doesn’t end at the purchase. Meowoff is dedicated to lifelong assistance with your new kitten, offering everything from spaying or neutering services to advice on daily care and additional screenings upon request.

What`s Included

Additional tests could be made upon request. 

*Spaying or Neutering procedures are conducted by a veterinary hospital, not by our store. Customers acknowledge and agree that our store is not responsible for the outcomes of the spaying or neutering surgeries. Meowoff store isn`t responsible for surgery since surgery is caused by a by a medical institution that is not under the reasonable control of the store.

What's not included but can be done upon customer request

*Any other test upon customer request

*Ask the assistant. If the breeder’s hospital will have the ability to conduct the requested tests.

Why choose us?

When you’re considering bringing a new kitten into your life, you want only the best. Here at Meowoff, we understand that desire. Our commitment extends beyond just providing a pet; we offer a companion from a line of high-quality, purebred British kittens. Here’s why we stand out:

High-Quality And Species-Specific Features

Our British Shorthair kittens, including the much-loved “British Blue,” come from champion bloodlines, ensuring not only the beauty typical of their breed but also their robust health. Each kitten showcases the breed’s iconic dense coat, rounded eyes, and calm demeanor, making them perfect for any family.

Comprehensive Health Support

We prioritize the health of our kittens. Each British kitten receives:

  • Pet/Vet Passport with Full Vaccination Records: Ensures your kitten is vaccinated against major feline diseases.
  • Health Guarantee and FELV/FIV Testing: Offers peace of mind about your kitten’s health status.
  • Deworming and Flea Treatments: Keeps your kitten free from common parasites.
  • Additional Tests Upon Request: Tailors health screenings to meet your specific concerns.

Ongoing Care and Support

Adopting from us means you’re not alone in your pet care journey. We provide you with:

  • Spaying/Neutering Services: Helps in preventing unwanted litters and ensuring a longer, healthier life for your kitten.
  • Post-Purchase Support (7 Days a Week): Whether it’s dietary advice or behavioral training, our professional team is here for you every step of the way.

Ethical and Professional Breeding

Rooted in a profound respect for animal welfare, our breeding practices minimize health risks associated with unethical breeding. This ethical approach ensures that we not only adhere to but exceed the standards expected by potential pet owners.

Choosing Meowoff for your purchase of British kittens means you receive a pet that is well-socialized, healthy, and loved. With a variety of breeds and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect kitten to become a new member of your family.

Our Process

If you’re looking for a furry companion that’s both charming and healthy, Meowoff is your go-to. With their British Shorthair kittens, you’re not just getting a pet, you’re welcoming a new family member who’s received the utmost care. Their team’s dedication to health, socialization, and ethical breeding means you’ll have peace of mind along with endless cuddles.

Choosing Meowoff means choosing a kitten that has been loved from the start. Their comprehensive support and health guarantees ensure a seamless transition into your home. Ready to meet your new best friend?


We are pleased to offer a range of shipping methods for your convenience, each tailored to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your kitten to any state in the USA:

Air Cargo Delivery: Priced at $550, this option allows for delivery to your closest airport equipped with American Airlines facilities. We will arrange the flight and supply you with all necessary details for kitten collection. Remember to bring your ID and the AWB number to the airline’s facility.

*Please note that this option is not available Exotic Shorthair, Persian, and Burmese breeds. For these breeds, car delivery or nanny-assisted delivery is required.

*Additionally, this method is not viable if the temperature at any location is above 85°F or below 25°F.

Road Transportation: By utilizing delivery services, we can bring kittens directly to your home. This method is suitable for nearby locations only, and pricing varies based on the delivery location. Within 50 miles(from our location) – 100$

Nanny-Assisted Delivery: With this service, our courier personally accompanies the kitten, ensuring its care and comfort throughout the journey. The cost for this option is $900, though exceptions may apply based on the destination.

Personal Door-to-Door Delivery: Catering to all states, this comprehensive service utilizes various modes of transportation to bring your kitten directly to your doorstep. The price is set at $1250, though exceptions may apply based on the destination.

Of course, you are always welcome to pick up  your kitten from our Showroom.

Free pick up available at our location 126 E Irving Park Rd, Wood Dale, IL

A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a kitten. The deposit will place a hold on a kitten so it will not be available to anyone else. The deposit is non-refundable.

The deposit required for breeding rights constitutes 50% of the total breeding price.

Unfortunately, deposits are not transferable for other kittens, except the one you have chosen. The reason is that upon request, a deposit is paid to the breeder in order to keep the kitten for you. Arrangements and exceptions can be made ONLY if both the originally chosen kitten and the new desired one are at the same breeder, AND if the kitten is still not spayed, and the purebred certificate has not been issued under your name. The final payment due the day your kitten arrives at his new home. The deposit can be made through PayPal. Final payment upon picking up through Venmo, Zelle, or Cash. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. In case Pet is found unhealthy at the moment of its acquisition confirmed by the Licensed Veterinary Clinic, the seller undertakes to accept the Pet’s return and shall issue a store credit of the amount been paid.
  2. In case of dissatisfaction of the buyer with the purchased Pet and cases of theft, problems with the toilet, appearance of allergy in the family, etc., the buyer has no right to demand from the seller a refund or any other compensation of damages.
  3. Seller reserves the right to the first refusal in the event that the Buyer is unable to house, care for, and maintain the Pet.
  4. The Pet should never be put into a rescue situation or humane society but should be returned to the seller to be re-homed if necessary without any refund.
  • For cat We offer Word Cat Federation (WCF) pedigree.
  • Kitty can be sold with breeding rights.
  • *Additional info pet request.

The price for cats is the total one and includes all vaccinations and neutering/spaying. (Neutering a kitten is our free option with no fee.)

It is generally considered safe to spay kittens before they are fully grown. In fact, many veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering kittens as early as 8-16 weeks old. This is known as early-age spay/neuter or pediatric spay/neuter.

Early spaying has several benefits:

  • Reduced risk of certain health issues: Spaying\Neutering a kitten before it first heat cycle can significantly reduce the risk of mammary cancer and eliminates the risk of uterine infections and other reproductive system diseases.
  • Easier recovery: Younger kittens tend to recover faster from surgery with fewer complications.
  • Population control: Spaying\Neutering a kitten before it reaches sexual maturity helps prevent unwanted litters and contributes to reducing the population of homeless cats.
  • Behavioral benefits: Spaying can help prevent behaviors associated with a cat’s heat cycle, such as excessive vocalization, marking, and escaping from the home.

However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the best time to spay a kitten based on it individual health, breed, and circumstances.  We will definitely do this if the age and health conditions of a kitten allow occurring the surgery before being shipped. We will not neuter/spay the kitten in the cases if a buyer will ask to neuter a kitten on its own or will buy the breeding rights for an additional cost with the kitten)

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA): The AVMA provides guidelines and recommendations on spaying and neutering cats, including early-age spay/neuter. You can visit their website at

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA): AAHA is another reputable organization that provides guidelines for spaying and neutering pets. Visit their website at

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP): The AAFP is a professional organization dedicated to improving the health and welfare of cats. They provide guidelines and resources related to feline healthcare, including spaying and neutering. Their website is

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): The HSUS advocates for early-age spay/neuter to help control pet overpopulation. You can find more information at

ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) also provides resources on spaying and neutering, including early-age procedures. Visit their website at

Additional Information

If you would like to see some of our furry little friends just playing around, head on over to our Instagram page and show us some love! Instagram:

What our clients are saying?

Sharif K
Sharif K
Purchased my first cat, a British longhair – and was provided amazing service. She showed a lot of knowledge on the cats and their personalities, gave extensive information on how to care for the pet and in the end helped me pick the right cat. He’s now a happy member of our family.
Mike Banchard
Mike Banchard
I had an excellent experience adopting Buffy. The process was simple and informative. Buffy is enjoying his new home with his adoptive brothers and sisters.
We have gotten two Maine Coons through MeoWoof in the past year. These cats are amazing in every way.
Sarah Block
Sarah Block
We are smitten over our new kitten. Thanks for the seamless process.
Jennifer Huntsman
Jennifer Huntsman
I am so happy with my experience in adopting Omega. They met and exceeded all my expectations. They were so kind and helpful and you can tell how much they love and care for these precious kitties. I would recommended them 100%. You won’t be disappointed. They are great at communication and kept me posted along the way. If I decided to add to my family, I will definitely use them again.
jennifer lawando
jennifer lawando
We got Enzo about a week ago and he is a perfect squish. I am so obsessed!!!! I would definitely recommend meo woff they take care of you through out the whole process and whenever I needed help with questions they were very responsive. I am so happy with my new kitten.
Kimberly Hoffner
Kimberly Hoffner
We are so pleased and happy that we chose MeoWoof to help us find our new baby, she’s the absolute best and just perfect❤️ we will be keeping an eye out for another one from them in the future
Abraham Kazerian
Abraham Kazerian
Wanted to thank you for the quality of the service. The kitten is happy and comfortable. He is very mischievous, but he obeys orders and respects the rules…Thanks
Amy G
Amy G
This is my third Kitty I have gotten from Meowoff and it gets better each time. I highly recommend if you are looking to have a purebred kitten. They help you understand the kitties individual needs such as food, vitamins, litter, etc…

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