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Top-Quality New Jersey British Kittens for Sale at Meowoff Kittens

Imagine stumbling upon a bundle of joy with a plush coat and enchanting eyes. That’s exactly what awaits you with British kittens, one of the most cherished cat breeds worldwide. If you’re in New Jersey and considering adding a furry friend to your family, you’re in luck! The state is home to a variety of breeders specializing in these adorable creatures.

British kittens are not just a delight to look at; they’re known for their calm demeanor and affectionate nature, making them perfect companions. Whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or thinking about your first pet, understanding what makes these kittens special will help you make the best choice. Let’s delve into the world of British kittens for sale in New Jersey and discover why they might just be the perfect new addition to your home.

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About Breed

British kittens, known for their distinctive plush coats and enchanting eyes, are recognized as purebred cats that embody a perfect blend of calm demeanor and affectionate nature. Offering more than just their charming looks, these felines provide companionship and a touch of elegance to any home. At Meowoff Kittens, each British kitten in New Jersey is bred with meticulous care to ensure they meet high pedigree standards.

Features of British Kittens

  • Plush Coat: Their thick, luxurious coat is soft to the touch, making them irresistible cuddle companions.
  • Enchanting Eyes: Known for their round, expressive eyes, British kittens can captivate anyone with just a glance.
  • Calm Demeanor: These cats are renowned for their serene and composed nature, ideal for families or individuals seeking a low-maintenance pet.
  • Affectionate Personality: Despite their regal appearance, they are incredibly loving and enjoy spending time with their human families.

Meowoff Kittens’ Commitment

At Meowoff Kittens, the breeding program focuses on health, temperament, and adherence to the British kitten breed standard. Each kitten receives comprehensive veterinary care, regular vaccinations, and thorough health assessments. Meowoff’s commitment ensures that you receive a healthy, well-socialized kitten ready to become a cherished part of your family.

Why Choose Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey?

When you opt for a British kitten from Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey, you’re not just bringing home a pet; you’re adding a new family member with a reputable lineage. Our kittens are:

  • Health Guaranteed: Each kitten comes with a health guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Socialized and Friendly: Raised in a nurturing environment, our kittens are well-socialized with humans and other pets.
  • Support and Guidance: Meowoff provides ongoing support and guidance to help you and your new kitten adjust smoothly.

By welcoming a British kitten into your home, you gain a companion who brings both beauty and joy. Explore our selection of British kittens for sale in New Jersey and experience the premium quality and charm these purebred kittens offer.


When you choose a British kitten from Meowoff Kittens, you’re not just getting a pet, you’re adopting a bundle of soft, luxurious fur. British kittens boast a dense, plush coat that invites affection with every petting session. This thick fur is not just beautiful to look at but also soft to the touch, making your British kitten a perfect cuddle companion.

Coat Texture and Color

British kittens exhibit a wide range of coat colors and patterns, including classic shades like blue-grey, which is the most recognized color of the breed. However, your options don’t stop there; these purebred kittens can also flaunt coats in silver, gold, cream, and even more exotic patterns like color-point, tabby, and bicolor. The richness of their coat color accentuates their overall regal bearing, making them a standout pet in any gathering.

Eye Appeal

One of the most mesmerizing features of British kittens is their striking eyes. Round and wide-set, their eyes sparkle with intelligence and curiosity. Depending on the coat color, their eye colors can vary from deep copper to bright gold and even a stunning blue. The expressive nature of their eyes adds to the depth of their personality, ensuring that each kitten is not only unique in looks but also in spirit.

By selecting a British kitten from Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey, you’ll find that each kitten not only meets but exceeds breed standards. Their splendid appearance coupled with their serene temperament makes them an ideal choice for families, singles, and seniors alike. Whether snuggled on your lap or perched on a windowsill, a British kitten is a beautiful addition to your home and life.

Temperaments & Personality

British kittens, known for their exceptional temperaments and intriguing personalities, make a delightful addition to any home. When you choose a British kitten from Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re adding a new member to your family.

Playful yet Calm

British kittens strike a unique balance between playfulness and calmness. They enjoy interactive play sessions, such as chasing laser pointers or feather wands, which provide mental stimulation and physical exercise. Despite their playful nature, these kittens often exhibit a calm demeanor. They adapt well to various living conditions, whether in a bustling family home or a quiet apartment. This adaptability makes them suitable for many different lifestyles.

Affectionate and Loyal

Known for their loyalty, British kittens develop strong bonds with their owners. They tend to follow you around the house, showing their affection without being overly demanding. Their warm presence and gentle purring make them excellent companions, especially in times when you need comfort.

Intelligent and Trainable

British kittens are not only charming but also highly intelligent. They’re quick learners, which means they can be trained to perform tricks or follow commands, such as coming when called. This intelligence also translates to good behavior—British kittens are known for using their litter boxes consistently and understanding household rules well.

Social and Welcoming

Although they appreciate quiet time, British kittens are generally very social. They interact well with other pets and are cautious yet curious about newcomers, making them perfect if you often have guests. Their welcoming nature ensures that they quickly become everyone’s favorite.

Each British kitten from Meowoff Kittens comes with a promise of purebred pedigree, ensuring that their temperaments and personalities meet the high standards expected from the breed. By choosing one of these kittens for sale, you’re ensuring a pet that not only beautiful but also adapts seamlessly into your life and home.

Diet Grooming & Health

When you choose a British kitten from Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey, you’re not just bringing home a pet; you’re adding a member to your family who requires specific care to thrive. Each facet of their well-being – diet, grooming, and health – is critical to maintain their adorable appearance and charismatic personality.

Optimal Nutrition for British Kittens

The correct diet is paramount for your British kitten’s growth and health. British kittens thrive on a balanced diet that includes high-quality dry kibble and wet food. The kibble should be rich in protein to support their muscular build and should also incorporate essential nutrients like taurine, vitamins, and minerals. Wet food helps in hydration and provides a variety in texture, helping keep meal times interesting. Ensure the food formulations are specifically designed for kittens to adequately meet their developmental needs. Brands such as Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet offer products tailored for young British kittens, enhancing their overall health and vitality.

Grooming Essentials

British kittens are known for their thick, plush coats which require regular grooming to maintain their pristine condition. Brushing your kitten’s coat twice a week helps to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils evenly throughout the coat, giving it a healthy sheen and preventing matting. During the shedding season, you might need to brush them more frequently to manage the increased hair fall. Additionally, regular ear checks and gentle wiping with a soft, damp cloth will help prevent infections and maintain ear health.

Health Care Considerations

Health monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring your British kitten grows into a healthy, robust cat. Regular veterinary checkups, vaccinations, and parasite control are essential routines that safeguard against common ailments and ensure your kitten’s long-term health. Pay attention to their dental hygiene as well; brushing their teeth or providing dental hygiene chews can help prevent periodontal diseases.

By focusing on their diet, grooming, and health, you ensure that your British kitten from Meowoff Kittens not only looks their best but also leads a happy, active life. This care reinforces the benefits of choosing a well-bred, purebred kitten, fully prepared to be a delightful addition to your home.

About us

When you choose a British kitten from Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re adopting a member of your family with a regal lineage and captivating charm. Our dedication shines through the quality of our kittens and the comprehensive support we provide to every new kitten owner.

Dedicated to Quality and Health: At Meowoff Kittens, each British kitten benefits from champion bloodlines, ensuring not only stunning physical features but also top-tier health and temperaments. From their plush coats to their enchanting eyes, our kittens exhibit premium quality that adheres strictly to breed standards.

Comprehensive Health Guarantees: You can rest assured with our health guarantee, which covers your kitten for one year. Our kits come with a vet passport detailing all records, including full vaccinations as per the required kitten age, deworming, and comprehensive treatment for fleas and heartworms. We also perform FIV/FELV tests and can conduct additional tests upon request.

Unmatched Support: Beyond providing a high-quality kitten, we offer advice and assistance in post-purchase care, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your kitten. Our professional team is available seven days a week to support all your kitten needs, from dietary advice to health care tips.

Post-Purchase Care Reinforced: After you bring your British kitten home, our team remains committed to assisting you through any concerns or questions. With our extensive information on care instructions included with each kitten, and our willingness to provide additional advice, you’ll find maintaining your kitten’s health and happiness straightforward and rewarding.

Diverse Selection: Meowoff Kittens offers a wide variety of British kittens in different colors and patterns, making it easy to find your perfect match. Each kitten, nurtured for sociability, intelligence, and adaptability, promises to bring joy and companionship to your home.

With all these benefits, Meowoff Kittens stands out as a top-tier provider of British kittens for sale, ensuring that each kitten is a reflection of our passion and commitment to the breed’s legacy and your family’s joy.

What`s Included

Additional tests could be made upon request. 

*Spaying or Neutering procedures are conducted by a veterinary hospital, not by our store. Customers acknowledge and agree that our store is not responsible for the outcomes of the spaying or neutering surgeries. Meowoff store isn`t responsible for surgery since surgery is caused by a by a medical institution that is not under the reasonable control of the store.

What's not included but can be done upon customer request

*Any other test upon customer request

*Ask the assistant. If the breeder’s hospital will have the ability to conduct the requested tests.

Why choose us?

Choosing Meowoff Kittens for your British kitten needs in New Jersey offers unparalleled benefits, ensuring that your experience is as joyful and fulfilling as the charming kittens themselves. Here’s why you should consider us:

Expert Advice and Unmatched Support

When you take home one of our British kittens, the journey doesn’t end there. You receive advice and assistance in post-purchase care, ensuring your kitten adapts well to its new environment. Our professional team offers support seven days a week, addressing all your kitten needs promptly and effectively.

High Quality and Champion Bloodlines

Each kitten from Meowoff embodies the finest qualities of British breeds. Thanks to our exclusive use of champion bloodlines, our kittens exhibit premium physical features and top-tier health. This excellence is further ensured through our rigorous health checks and a one-year health guarantee.

Diverse Breeds and Customizable Options

With a wide variety of breeds and colors, finding the perfect British kitten that matches your preference is simple. Additionally, you can request further tests to meet specific health concerns, and options for spaying or neutering are available to fit your plans for the kitten’s future.

Comprehensive Health Assurance

Before you welcome your new family member, Meowoff ensures they are fully vaccinated according to kitten age guidelines, dewormed, and treated for fleas and heartworms. Each kitten comes with a vet passport containing all health records and a comprehensive health guarantee. We also conduct FIV/FELV testing to ensure a healthy start in life.

By choosing Meowoff Kittens in New Jersey, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re adopting years of passion and dedication to the breed. Your satisfaction and your kitten’s health and happiness are our top priority, reflecting our commitment to you and these exquisite British kittens.

Our Process

If you’re looking for a furry friend that not only charms with its looks but also dazzles with its personality Meowoff Kittens is your go-to in New Jersey. Their British kittens are more than just pets; they’re a blend of beauty brains and affection. Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or looking to add to your feline family the support and quality at Meowoff Kittens stand out in the world of cat breeding.

Choosing the right kitten is a joyous yet daunting task but with Meowoff’s diverse options and expert guidance you’re sure to find a kitten that fits perfectly into your life. Let their years of dedication and passion for British kittens smooth the path to finding your new best friend. Remember every kitten from Meowoff comes with a promise of health happiness and a lifetime of purrs.


We are pleased to offer a range of shipping methods for your convenience, each tailored to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your kitten to any state in the USA:

Air Cargo Delivery: Priced at $550, this option allows for delivery to your closest airport equipped with American Airlines facilities. We will arrange the flight and supply you with all necessary details for kitten collection. Remember to bring your ID and the AWB number to the airline’s facility.

*Please note that this option is not available Exotic Shorthair, Persian, and Burmese breeds. For these breeds, car delivery or nanny-assisted delivery is required.

*Additionally, this method is not viable if the temperature at any location is above 85°F or below 25°F.

Road Transportation: By utilizing delivery services, we can bring kittens directly to your home. This method is suitable for nearby locations only, and pricing varies based on the delivery location. Within 50 miles(from our location) – 100$

Nanny-Assisted Delivery: With this service, our courier personally accompanies the kitten, ensuring its care and comfort throughout the journey. The cost for this option is $900, though exceptions may apply based on the destination.

Personal Door-to-Door Delivery: Catering to all states, this comprehensive service utilizes various modes of transportation to bring your kitten directly to your doorstep. The price is set at $1250, though exceptions may apply based on the destination.

Of course, you are always welcome to pick up  your kitten from our Showroom.

Free pick up available at our location 126 E Irving Park Rd, Wood Dale, IL

A deposit of $500 is required to reserve a kitten. The deposit will place a hold on a kitten so it will not be available to anyone else. The deposit is non-refundable.

The deposit required for breeding rights constitutes 50% of the total breeding price.

Unfortunately, deposits are not transferable for other kittens, except the one you have chosen. The reason is that upon request, a deposit is paid to the breeder in order to keep the kitten for you. Arrangements and exceptions can be made ONLY if both the originally chosen kitten and the new desired one are at the same breeder, AND if the kitten is still not spayed, and the purebred certificate has not been issued under your name. The final payment due the day your kitten arrives at his new home. The deposit can be made through PayPal. Final payment upon picking up through Venmo, Zelle, or Cash. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. In case Pet is found unhealthy at the moment of its acquisition confirmed by the Licensed Veterinary Clinic, the seller undertakes to accept the Pet’s return and shall issue a store credit of the amount been paid.
  2. In case of dissatisfaction of the buyer with the purchased Pet and cases of theft, problems with the toilet, appearance of allergy in the family, etc., the buyer has no right to demand from the seller a refund or any other compensation of damages.
  3. Seller reserves the right to the first refusal in the event that the Buyer is unable to house, care for, and maintain the Pet.
  4. The Pet should never be put into a rescue situation or humane society but should be returned to the seller to be re-homed if necessary without any refund.
  • For cat We offer Word Cat Federation (WCF) pedigree.
  • Kitty can be sold with breeding rights.
  • *Additional info pet request.

The price for cats is the total one and includes all vaccinations and neutering/spaying. (Neutering a kitten is our free option with no fee.)

It is generally considered safe to spay kittens before they are fully grown. In fact, many veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering kittens as early as 8-16 weeks old. This is known as early-age spay/neuter or pediatric spay/neuter.

Early spaying has several benefits:

  • Reduced risk of certain health issues: Spaying\Neutering a kitten before it first heat cycle can significantly reduce the risk of mammary cancer and eliminates the risk of uterine infections and other reproductive system diseases.
  • Easier recovery: Younger kittens tend to recover faster from surgery with fewer complications.
  • Population control: Spaying\Neutering a kitten before it reaches sexual maturity helps prevent unwanted litters and contributes to reducing the population of homeless cats.
  • Behavioral benefits: Spaying can help prevent behaviors associated with a cat’s heat cycle, such as excessive vocalization, marking, and escaping from the home.

However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the best time to spay a kitten based on it individual health, breed, and circumstances.  We will definitely do this if the age and health conditions of a kitten allow occurring the surgery before being shipped. We will not neuter/spay the kitten in the cases if a buyer will ask to neuter a kitten on its own or will buy the breeding rights for an additional cost with the kitten)

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA): The AVMA provides guidelines and recommendations on spaying and neutering cats, including early-age spay/neuter. You can visit their website at

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA): AAHA is another reputable organization that provides guidelines for spaying and neutering pets. Visit their website at

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP): The AAFP is a professional organization dedicated to improving the health and welfare of cats. They provide guidelines and resources related to feline healthcare, including spaying and neutering. Their website is

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): The HSUS advocates for early-age spay/neuter to help control pet overpopulation. You can find more information at

ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) also provides resources on spaying and neutering, including early-age procedures. Visit their website at

Additional Information

If you would like to see some of our furry little friends just playing around, head on over to our Instagram page and show us some love! Instagram:

What our clients are saying?

Sharif K
Sharif K
Purchased my first cat, a British longhair – and was provided amazing service. She showed a lot of knowledge on the cats and their personalities, gave extensive information on how to care for the pet and in the end helped me pick the right cat. He’s now a happy member of our family.
Mike Banchard
Mike Banchard
I had an excellent experience adopting Buffy. The process was simple and informative. Buffy is enjoying his new home with his adoptive brothers and sisters.
We have gotten two Maine Coons through MeoWoof in the past year. These cats are amazing in every way.
Sarah Block
Sarah Block
We are smitten over our new kitten. Thanks for the seamless process.
Jennifer Huntsman
Jennifer Huntsman
I am so happy with my experience in adopting Omega. They met and exceeded all my expectations. They were so kind and helpful and you can tell how much they love and care for these precious kitties. I would recommended them 100%. You won’t be disappointed. They are great at communication and kept me posted along the way. If I decided to add to my family, I will definitely use them again.
jennifer lawando
jennifer lawando
We got Enzo about a week ago and he is a perfect squish. I am so obsessed!!!! I would definitely recommend meo woff they take care of you through out the whole process and whenever I needed help with questions they were very responsive. I am so happy with my new kitten.
Kimberly Hoffner
Kimberly Hoffner
We are so pleased and happy that we chose MeoWoof to help us find our new baby, she’s the absolute best and just perfect❤️ we will be keeping an eye out for another one from them in the future
Abraham Kazerian
Abraham Kazerian
Wanted to thank you for the quality of the service. The kitten is happy and comfortable. He is very mischievous, but he obeys orders and respects the rules…Thanks
Amy G
Amy G
This is my third Kitty I have gotten from Meowoff and it gets better each time. I highly recommend if you are looking to have a purebred kitten. They help you understand the kitties individual needs such as food, vitamins, litter, etc…

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